• Video Post

    2 slider widgets come with Lux, this is the content slider.

    You can see the other slider, the portfolio slider, on the home page. This is the content slider, that you can use to showcase video, html content, or anything you can put on a normal page.

  • design-sketch

    HTML Content Post

    You can put anything you want in this slider, including text, images, and video. Optionally enable fitvids.js to make your youtube and vimeo videos responsive.

    The slider uses custom post types to make it dead simple for you to add whatever you want.

    • Here's a list
    • List item
    • Three is the magic number

    Here's a button

  • Responsive Slider

    The Flex Slider is fully responsive, try shrinking your browser window. It also allows you to control the slides by touching on the iPad and iPhone. You can put a big featured image in it like this one, or you can use smaller images, it's up to you.